Friday, October 7, 2011

Meeting Our New Neighbors

Last Saturday we moved into our new house. 

Our furniture was delivered the Tuesday after we moved in and our appliances were delivered on Wednesday. The front door was off it's hinges and the dogs were out back. We were still trying to unpack so the entire house was in chaos. While all this was going one of our new neighbors came over. Below is the conversation we had.

Me: Hi! I'm Angie it's nice to meet you!

NN (New Neighbor): Hi, I live behind you and we're home all day. And I have a dog so I totally understand, but could you do something about your dog's barking all day, it's annoying.

(I'd like to point out that the delivery men had been there for about 20 minutes and that's when the dogs were put out back).

Me: Well he doesn't usually bark. The dogs are out back because our appliances are being delivered and he's barking at the delivery men. He'll quit once they're done.

(At this point they are standing in the front door because they need to get out to get another appliance to bring in the house and we're in their way.)

NN: Well like I said I have a dog so I totally understand, but can you do something about his barking all day, it's annoying. (Insert huge smile here).

Me: ...

Delivery Men, still standing in the door waiting: ...

Me: Sure.

NN: Great, Thanks!! 

And she walks away, leaving me to try to pick my jaw up off the front walk so the delivery men could finish their job. I guess there was a reason the only other people we've met in the neighborhood warned us about them.

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  1. The Mending Wall - by Robert Frost

    "Good fences make good neighbors."


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