Monday, December 5, 2011

Memories Captured

Today I'm linking up over at Momma Wants This and These Little Waves for their Memories Captured link party.

Both of my girls are older - 15 and 19
and I'm struck every day at how fleeting time is. (I know, cliche much?)
But it's true.

When I saw this link up, I was thrilled to join in.
What a great way to hold on to who your kids were.

Jay is a talented, extremely smart (she would say clever as she is obsessed with ALL things UK), 15 year old, basically she's a whole lot of fun!

A couple of weeks ago we went and got our hair done. She loves posing for the camera, so we went out back and took some pictures when we got home.
This one is my favorite, so it's the one I picked to caputre the memory of that day.

Jordin moved in with us in May. She lived out in Wyoming with her Mom up until that point. She's 19, just out of high school and trying to figure out what to do with her life.

She's oober talented! If she wants to do something artsy, so goes for it! (I'm trying to be more like her that way).

On Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to get some pictures of the family outside playing around. My goal was to get some fun candid shots then a few posed shots.

Somehow Jordin always knew when the camera was pointed at her! Her favorite thing to do when there is a camera pointed at her is to pull a face (grrrrr).

I was getting frustrated trying to get the "perfect" shot of her, so I finally just let her do her thing.

And what do you know?
I got the perfect shot of her. This is my favorite picture of her from that day.

Linking up with LoveLinks today.


  1. Angie, you captured the two girls perfectly!! Love it.

    Thank you for linking up with us!

  2. Beautiful words, beautiful girls! Love!

  3. Beautiful girls you have and greatly captured with your words too :)

  4. Beautiful girls! So weird for me that my girls are only a few years behind that. (My oldest is really wanting to start watching Doctor Who!)

  5. We LOVE Doctor Who! I love it because it's VERY family friendly. We have just started watching them all again while we wait for the next season to start. You can stream them on Netflix. :o)

  6. Thanks for linking up at lovelinks! Nice to meet you through Alison and Galit. Your girls look so vibrant.

  7. Gorgeous girls. Life, beauty, health, all the best in their lives ahead. :-)
    visiting from lovelinks :-)

  8. These are so great! I love how you captured who your girls are. They must love these, and you for creating them! Way to go mom.

  9. A beautiful post and beautiful girls!


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