Friday, November 25, 2011

Self Imposed Time Out...

I need to vent...

I have spent the last 3 months working on a project at work. 
Hours of my time and hard work
and it was all just thrown out the window today.

I'm so frustrated I could scream!

I had a meeting right at the end of my day where I was told that the group I was working with was going a different direction. 
Now I have brought the frustration home with me and here I sit...

I'm mad at myself most of all because I have worked with this group before.
I knew something like this could happen.
And still it blindsided me.

How can I be a good wife and mother when I feel like this?
How do I keep from bringing this kind of stuff home with me?

Hopefully by writing this I can let some of it go.

We're supposed to decorate the Christmas tree tonight.
I want to be happy for that. I want to smile and laugh and enjoy the precious few years I have left with my almost grown children. 

hold it...

Okay, I think I'm ready to be part of the family now. 

Thanks for listening.

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